Dark Detour

A multi-platform Horror Story

Dark Detour is a multi-platform horror anthology series told in real-time through social media and more. During each episode, you'll travel along as an everyday journey takes an unexpected turn, leading to an unplanned - and horror-filled - destination.

Dark Detour Season 2: All That Glitters

Created by
Steve Peters
Alison Norrington

Executive Producer
Steve Peters

Alison Norrington

Story by
Alison Norrington

Designed, Written and Produced by
Steve Peters
Alison Norrington
Jenni Powell
Nick Tierce

Creative Design and Story Consultants
Maureen McHugh
Hazel Grian
Jay Bushman
Adi Shankar

Jack Selinger
Gareth Milton-Griffiths
Nick Tierce (voice)

Freyja Johannson
Mali Tudno-Jones

David Selinger
Rich Finley

Backer Cameos
Jonathan Starling: Jim Stewartson
Thomas Norton: Rich Reder
Reverend Francis Childe: Frank Jimenez
Hitchhiker: Jessica Stone
Constance: Eleanor Beck
Hugo: Hastin Zylstra
Postmistress: Taryn Kearsley
Evie Jessop: Jennifer Sullivan
Sad Robin: Joe Birdwell
Farmer: Troy Butcher

Assistant to Mr. Peters
Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend

Special Thanks to
Billy Henry - The Wheatsheaf Rooms for location shots
The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor for location shots
Constance Fleuriot for a little roleplaying
Rhys Miles Thomas for location photography help
Juli Hapney for the scary authentic severed hand
Carmen Aiello for introductions
The Mets for losing the World Series
England for going to Standard Time a week early
Our Indiegogo Backers for enabling Season 2 to exist!

Shot on location in Dartmoor England, Burbank California,
and on multiple laptops around the world.





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