Dark Detour

A multi-platform Horror Story

Dark Detour is a multi-platform horror anthology series told in real-time through social media and more. During each episode, you'll travel along as an everyday journey takes an unexpected turn, leading to an unplanned - and horror-filled - destination.

Created, Designed, Written and Produced by
Alison Norrington & Steve Peters

Creative Design and Story Consultants
Brian Clark
Blair Erickson
Jan Libby
Mike Monello

Talbot Griffin
Ty Lucas (photos)

Anastasia Washington

Michelle Renee Allaire (photos)
Kristen Rutherford (phone)

Jenny Clancy
Jeremie Peters (photos)

NYC Photography
Joe Brent

Route 66 Photography
Michelle Senderhauf

Telephony courtesy of

Music composed and performed by
Talbot Griffin

Special Thanks to
All our Indiegogo Supporters

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