Dark Detour

A multi-platform Horror Story

Dark Detour is a multi-platform horror anthology series told in real-time through social media and more. During each episode, you'll travel along as an everyday journey takes an unexpected turn, leading to an unplanned - and horror-filled - destination.

October 27-31, 2015

Dark Detour: All That Glitters is a Hallowe'en horror story told in real-time through social media and more, and will drag you into the scariness like never before. In the days leading up to Hallowe’en night, you’ll virtually travel in real-time with our heroes as they descend deeper and deeper into a place from which there seems no escape.

How Does It Work?

First, catch up on the Story So Far on our Story Feed Summary page.

Then, simply Friend/Follow the following on the social media channel or channels of your choice, and watch the story unfold in real time:

You can also check out these supporting sites (found during the course of the story):

You can also join these discussion communities:

And lastly, you can watch this video to learn about the Legend of the Griffinstone Yew Tree:

But How is it Different?

Dark Detour is a Halloween story for the digital age, putting you right at the center of the macabre and creepy.  In the same way you keep close to all your online friends, Dark Detour is more an experience than mere story and will play out in your day-to-day digital life, at times feeling like it's reaching out and pulling you right back in when you least expect it. You think the ghost stories from your youth under a blanket with flashlights were scary? This interactive ghost story will inject itself into your life for four days on the run up to Hallowe’en.*

*But don’t worry, if it gets too intense you can opt-out at any time.

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